Teaching in the Summer Semester 2024

270013 SEWriting of the Bachelor's Thesis BJürgen Zanghellini et al.
270103 PRBachelor Laboratory Course BJürgen Zanghellini et al.
270147 VUComputational Data ProcessingJürgen Zanghellini, David Ruckerbauer and Diana Széliová
270148 PRProgramming in C/Fortran/PythonJohannes Dietschreit and David Ruckerbauer
270190 VUIntroduction to metabolic modellingJürgen Zanghellini and David Ruckerbauer
270191 VUIntroduction to RJürgen Zanghellini
270193 VU(Introduction to) Network analysis with PythonDiana Széliová
270194 VU*omics IntegrationJürgen Zanghellini and Diana Széliová


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