PraeDoc: Kevin Mildau

PraeDoc: Kevin Mildau

Kevin Mildau holds a BSc in Biotechnology (Systems and Synthetic Biology) and an MSc in Bioinformatics, both from Wageningen University & Research (WUR). After obtaining his MSc, he continued with a research project on microbiome community statistics with the Mathematical and Statistical Methods Group (WUR) and Danone Nutricia Research. His education and research activities focused heavily on Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis in the Life Sciences. In his current project, he is working on improving untargeted metabolomics analysis workflows. He evaluates and develops a methodology for structural annotation of untargeted metabolomics data acquired using LC-MS/MS instruments. Moreover, he develops a statistical approach for pinpointing spectra of interest more effectively. As a PhD candidate in the group of Prof. Zanghellini in Vienna, his project is done in close collaboration with and co-supervised by Assist. Prof. van der Hooft from the Netherlands.


Research Areas

  • Metabolomics and Cheminformatics
  • Structural Annotation using MS/MS data
  • Data Science
  • Statistics & Machine Learning